vocal coaching

What is a vocal coach?

A vocal coach helps singers whose native language is not English sing as if it were. Recordings in English with foreign accents or foreign phrasing have very little chance on the international market. A good vocal coach is attuned to pronunciation and “native speaker” phrasing and can eliminate many of the reasons why it's so difficult to place foreign recordings in English speaking territories. Timothy Touchton coined the phrase “vocal coach” in Germany. He has worked successfully with top name European recording artists and has coached hits for almost every major record company. Coaching before the recording session saves time, production costs, nerves and makes life generally easier for artists, producers and record companies.

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Vocal Coaching success stories:

Münchner Freiheit
The Two of Us
Peter Kent/Louisia Fernandez
Hubert Kah
Thomas Anders
La Bionda
The Winners
The Innocent
Monika Martin
Francine Jordi
Rosanna Rocci

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