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halina touchton

Born in Poland, she moved to Berlin in 1958. She studied art at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Berlin and completed her formal art education in Munich at the Academy for Graphic Design. She designed sport medallions for the state of Bavaria and worked for Volvo and Suzuki as a commercial graphic artist. As a free lancer she created multiple international LP covers and illustrated children's books. Since 1995 she has concentrated on painting and has been successfully exhibited in numerous shows in both Europe and America. Her work is positive, intensively colorful abstract art with a breath of realism.


2002  Double Art Show in Erding
2003  Solo exhibition, Gallery Schumann, Munich

2004  Solo exhibition at Maisons Design Gallery, Munich
2005  Solo exhibition, Booz Allen Hamilton building, Lenbachplatz 3, Munich
2005  Solo exhibition, Burgstr., Munich
2006  Art & Design days, Dortmund
2006  Werkshow, Dortmund
2006  Raumkunst, Dortmund

2006/2007 Six month solo exhibition, Jagdmuseum Munich
2009  Featured solo exhibition, art walk, St. Augustine, Florida USA
2009  Solo exhibition, Hurn Museum of contemporary art, Savannah, Georgia USA
2010  Featured solo exhibition during March, art walk, St. Augustine, Florida USA

Current exhibition at Grand Bohemian Gallery (the Kessler Collection), USA

Continuous showing for interested collectors in the artist’s Atelier,
see contact for appointments.