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The writing of English lyrics for music of all kinds is Timothy Touchton's main work. He has been an “Ordentliche” member of GEMA for more than 15 years. He has written 11 top 40 hits in Europe and England including three top five hits in Germany, soundtracks and title songs for successful international motion pictures as well as title songs for German TV series. He has also written some of the most successful songs for international TV and radio advertising of the last 12 years.

For high quality professional lyrics for music of all kinds contact Timothy Touchton.

A few examples of over 400 recorded songs

Blue Night Shadow (The Two of Us # 3 in Germany # 13 in Europe)

Keeping the Dream Alive (Münchener Freiheit with the London Symphony # 13 England)

Sail Away (The Beck's Beer Song) sung by Joe Cocker

Go For Gold (ARD title song Olympics 1988)

Go Get the Cup (ARD title song World Championship Soccer 2000)

Florida Lady (From the BR series vocals by Chris Thompson, Manfred Mann's lead singer)

Super Snooper (Soundtrack title song - starring Terrence Hill, Ernest Borgnine)

A Love of My Own (Thomas Anders, produced by Gus Dudgen, Elton John's producer)

Angel 07 (Hubert Kah, soundtrack Once Bitten - starring Jim Carrey, Lauren Hutton)

Great Big Mama (Featured song in Elvis... The Musical staring Mark Janicello)

Mothers Day (Silver medal for composition and lyrics 33 rd Zecchino d´ Oro Italy)

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